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Who are We?

Our Mission:

We help create WITNESSES of Jesus Christ. Simply put, the more you witness Him, the more you become like him. The more you become like Jesus, the more meaning, fulfillment, joy and freedom you will have in your life.

Another way of putting it is this - We want to make disciples who make more disciples.


How do we Accomplish This?

Through our free online Discipleship Platform. Any one can join our community platform to learn, grow and be discipled. Also, members of the community are organized by location (city) - this means members can find other local members near them and connect locally in person.

Also, we sell clothing and use that as an evangelistic tool to transport people into our online Discipleship Community. Each article of clothing will have our special ‘QR Code tag’ which can be scanned - then it takes you right to the Discipleship Platform Login Page.


What Happens with the Money Generated from Clothing?

Over 10% of all profits go back into our ministry. Our goal is to eventually do reverse tithing, which is the practice of giving back to God over 90% of profits and using the remaining 10% to pay expenses, etc..



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