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How to Find God's Purpose for Your Life

How to Find God's Purpose for Your Life


You may be wondering if there's any point in waking up each day without knowing your purpose. But let me assure you, God did not create you for a meaningless existence. He designed you with a unique purpose and assignment to bring Him glory and to fulfill you on the Earth. Knowing and walking in your purpose is the most fulfilling life you can live.

God has a Plan for You!

Scriptures on Purpose

First and foremost, it's important to understand that God has a purpose for you. Ephesians 2:10 tells us that we are His workmanship, created in Christ Jesus for good works that He prepared in advance for us to do.

King David also acknowledges his purpose in Psalms 40:7, stating that it was written in God's book. Furthermore, in Psalms 139:16, David recognizes that God saw his unformed substance and wrote the days that were formed for him in His book. Revelation 20:12 speaks of the books that will be opened on judgment day, where our lives will be judged based on what we did with the purpose God gave us.

Know Gods General Will First

To understand God's will and purpose for your life, start by knowing His general will for all believers. Matthew 6:33 instructs us to seek first the kingdom of God and His righteousness, and all these things will be added to us. This means that if we prioritize God and His will, He will reveal our specific purpose to us. 

God's general will for all believers includes: 
  1. Obeying the Ten Commandments

  2. Loving God and our neighbors

  3.  Fulfilling the Great Commission 

  4. Helping the orphans and widow

  5. Using the gifts of the Holy Spirit 

  6. Walking in the fruits of the Spirit

  7.  Doing everything in love

  8. Working to provide for ourselves and not being a burden to others.

  9. Additionally, community is essential for believers to gather, support, and disciple one another. (We offer that community here)

Spiritual Gifts Point to Purpose

To discover your specific purpose, consider your spiritual gifts. Romans 12:3-8 lists several spiritual gifts, including:

  1.  Prophecy 
  2. Teaching
  3. Encouragement
  4. Serving
  5. Giving
  6. Leadership
  7.  Mercy

Take some time to identify which gift resonates with you the most and brings you joy and energy. This can give you a clue about your specific purpose.

What is the 5-Fold Ministry?

Understanding the five-fold ministry can help you discern your calling. The five-fold ministry consists of apostles, prophets, teachers, evangelists, and pastors. Apostles are builders, prophets expose the enemy and reveal God, teachers focus on teaching God's word, evangelists prioritize getting people saved, and pastors protect and shepherd God's people. 

You may not become a full-time minister, but which one of these folds do you most resonate with?

Understanding the Attack

It's important to be aware of the main demonic spirits that attack each ministry.

Apostles are targeted by the spirit of pride

prophets by the spirit of Jezebel… 

teachers by the spirit of religion… 

evangelists by the spirit of vanity… 

and pastors by the spirit of discouragement… 

Recognizing these attacks can help you overcome them and fulfill your purpose.

Do you feel under attack by one or multiple of these demonic spirits? Learn how to be set free today! (Click here)


Knowing God's purpose for your life is essential for a fulfilling and meaningful existence. Seek His general will, discover your spiritual gifts, understand the five-fold ministry, and be aware of the attacks of the enemy. By aligning yourself with God's will and purpose, you can live a life that brings Him glory and brings you satisfaction. Remember, you were created with a unique purpose, and discovering and fulfilling that purpose is the key to a truly fulfilling life.

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